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The notion of capturing an image from a “fleeting moment in time,” could be characterized as ‘truly magical’… an indelible image time machine.

Have you ever looked at images from the 1860’s? Amazing technology when you stop and think about it...
Since a very young age photography was a major interest. By the time I was 20 years old, capturing images was almost a daily requirement with my first pro-grade SLR 35mm  with a 50 mm. lens. From that day onwards, a camera became like a body appendage – where I went it went! Today, that has not changed... traveling on 4 continents

Over the past 4 years Orbisswiss covered over 800 events in Switzerland and international locations. We report in French, Spanish or English.

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Orbisswiss Photos & Press
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Orbisswiss Photos & Press - Geneva Switzerland

Focusing on capturing an instant that will be gone forever... 

Edouard atop the Palais des Nations - Genève

What we do BEST

Digital and print imagery services tailored to your local or international requirements.

My favorite image will be the one that I will be taking for you tomorrow...

Specialists for: 
Press conferences, People News, Events, NGOs, Trade exhibitions,  Architecture, International coverage.

Contact us to discuss your project   No fee/obligation:   Français - Español - English

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Orbisswiss Photos & Press - Genève
Orbisswiss Photos & Press - Geneva
Orbisswiss Photos & Press - Geneva Switzerland

Photographs have been part of my life since childhood...

Orbisswiss Photos & Press - Genève Suisse
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