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With today’s high quality digital cameras, there is ‘almost no limit’ of potential photographic subjects around the world. However, remember to ALWAYS  respect local laws, restrictions in public spaces, military installations, private buildings, never in a court of law, minors without signed parental authorization , events, and country rules/customs  when taking photographs.

The city or town offers a plethora of photo opportunities:  Architecture old/new, Streets, Landmarks, Pedestrians, Traffic flow, Bridges, Parks, etc.

With more than 30 years of professional experience in photography, we have developed special talents to capture images of cities, towns and landscapes

Please contact us for a ‘free and not obligation’ 1 hour consultation to discuss your next project.

Genè nuit
Vieille ville Genève
La Barceloneta
Lyon France
Basler Fasnacht
Fuente mágica - Barcelona
Fuentes de Montjuic - Barcelona
Château d'Oex - Suisse
Parc des Bastions - Genève
Avoriaz France
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Vevey Belle Epoque - CGN