Basilique de Notre Dame - Genève
Colorful Foxes and Porcuipines
Nana'n'air - chorale féministe genevoise
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Sonos Party - Bastions Genève
Barcelona vista desde Tibidabo
Guillaume Barazzone, Thierry Apothéloz -  Genève Special Olympics 2018
La rade de Genève - Animations Aout 2020
Lake steamer SAVOIE - Genève
Genève jet d'eau
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We might view some ‘general photos’ as ordinary life scenes, with little future archive value. Think again, while looking at select photos taken 20-60 years ago by your parents or grand-parents. These hold facial expressions, scenes and events that are unreproducible. Indeed, beauty, art and interest are in the eye of the beholder. Bear in mind, that we are not advocating to keep 100 photos of great-aunt Jenny smiling, but do keep a select few.

The principal at Orbisswiss Photos & Press has over 30 years of experience looking through the SLR/DLR lens. Please contact us, as we know how to make people feel at ease, capturing them in the best moments. As the manager of a  famous Lebanese singer said: please only photos of her right side.

Have a look at at our people page - 150 famous faces (some regrettably R.I.P.)

                                                                                                      We travel to your location and look forward to capturing your best side and expressions!

La Gloriette - class, style, elegance
Bains des Pâquis - Genève
Jardin Anglais - Genève
Horloge fleurie - Genève
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Le Savoie - Belle époque 1914  CGN
Cathédrale Saint Pierre - United Nations flag
Arcades des Arts - Genève
Bâtiment des Forces Motrices - Genève
Palais Féderal - Berne Suisse
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Red Cross Day - 8 May 2021
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Red Crescent Day - 8 May 2021 Geneva - Switzerland
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